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New for 2021: FN 502 .22 LR Pistol

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Built in the same style as the company’s other duty-ready, polymer-frame guns, the FN 502 Tactical gives today’s shooters a great training tool chambered in .22 Long Rifle while still retaining the same size, feel and functionality of FN’s centerfire pistols. The FN 502 also makes history as the firearm industry’s first handgun featuring a milled slide that accepts today’s popular micro red-dot optics.

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The FN 502 Tactical is built with a single-action, hammer-fired operating system, which separates it from the FN 509 in terms of operation. The rest of the gun, however, shares many similarities to these other FN designs. On the grip frame, consumers will notice the same multi-texture treatment found on the company’s centerfire guns. The FN 502 Tactical also shares the patented Low Profile Optics Mounting System found on its larger siblings, which provides a number of mounting plates compatible with today’s popular red-dot optics.

Unlike many of today’s rimfire training guns, the FN 502 Tactical features an increased magazine capacity of 15 rounds. This enables owners to train with a similar number of rounds on board as compared to their duty pistol, enhancing the realism of rimfire training. Additionally, the 502 Tactical is equipped with a threaded barrel, making it easy to attach compatible suppressors. A knurled thread protector is included to protect the muzzle when it’s not in use.

Because of the FN 502 Tactical’s size similarity to the FN 509 Tactical, most holsters designed for the latter gun will easily fit the former. The FN 502 Tactical measures 7.6″ in length, featuring a 4.6″ barrel. Control-wise, the 502 Tactical includes a bilateral magazine release, thumb safety and slide-stop lever. It also includes a clean-breaking trigger with a factory-set pull weight measuring around 5 lbs. Users will also find a number of other elements, like suppressor-height sights, front and rear cocking serrations and a loaded-chamber indicator.

The FN 502 Tactical ships with two magazines, one 10-round and one 15-round magazine. The gun is available in either flat dark earth or black. Unloaded, the pistol weighs 23.7 ozs. Suggested retail pricing is $499. For more information, visit fnamerica.com.


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