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New for 2021: Heritage Mfg. Barkeep Revolver

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Heritage Mfg. built on the success of its affordable line of Rough Rider rimfire revolvers with an all-new model in 2021. The Heritage Barkeep pays homage to the famous Colt Storekeeper revolver, which was a shortened variant of the iconic Single Action Army that featured no ejector-rod housing.

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Keeping true to the concept, the Heritage Mfg. Barkeep has no ejector-rod housing. Instead, the revolver is equipped with a spring-loaded tab that retains the cylinder axis pin. With a push of the tab, you can remove the pin out the front of the frame, and then slide the cylinder out from the side. A dowel is included with the Barkeep, making it easy to punch out spent cases from the cylinder.

Loading the Heritage Barkeep is the same as any other single-action revolver. A loading gate on the right side of the frame hinges open, exposing the rear face of the cylinder. At half-cock, the cylinder spins freely, allowing you to load a single round at a time. When ready to fire, the single-action system can be thumbed back to full cock, giving you a crisp single-action trigger pull for each shot.

One of the other unique features found on the Heritage Barkeep is the safety selector located on the left side of the recoil shroud. A simple flick of the selector makes the gun live, giving you added comfort and safety in a fun range experience.

To take a closer look at the Heritage Mfg. Barkeep and see it perform on the range, check out American Rifleman’s “New for 2021” feature video above.

Article by American Rifleman Staff 

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