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New for 2021: Ruger LCP MAX

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Even though it looks like the LCP II, the Ruger LCP MAX takes the same stagger-stack magazine technology popular in the micro-compact pistol category and applies it to the company’s incredibly popular pocket pistol. Despite being virtually the same size as the single-stack, .380 ACP LCP II, the Ruger MAX carries 11 rounds of .380 ACP on board, making for a potent, pocket-size defensive arm.

Ruger’s LCP MAX features a slightly wider frame that accommodates the stagger-stack magazine, but even with this enlargement, the gun still measures less than an inch wide and weighs less than 11 ounces, unloaded. Despite the similarities to the LCP II, the Ruger LCP MAX has a number of notable improvements that make the company’s pocket-pistol offerings better than ever. Gone are the integral sights, replaced with dovetailed night sights based on S&W’s Bodyguard .380 sights. The pistol also features a smooth, clean Secure Action trigger, as well as an enhanced grip that provides more control for greater accuracy and precision.

Each Ruger LCP MAX ships with a 10-round, flush-fit magazine, and there’s a finger-grip extension included that’s designed to give you a better hold on the diminutive frame. A 12-round extended magazine is also available. The LCP MAX also features a reversible magazine release to accommodate left-handed shooters. You’ll still find generous slide serrations at the front and rear to aid in racking, and there are enhanced wings at the back of the slide that make it easier than ever to get your gun into battery. Shooting is easy, too, since the gun’s barrel-cam geometry has been designed to slow the slide in an effort to reduce felt recoil.

The LCP MAX is designed to fit most existing LCP II holsters. Barrel length measures 2.8″, the overall length of the gun is 5.17″ and the height measures 4.12″ with the flush-fit 10-round magazine. The suggested retail price on the new Ruger LCP MAX is $449. For more information, visit ruger.com.


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