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New For 2021: Uberti USA Hardin Revolver

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New for 2021 and part of Uberti USA’s Outlaws & Lawmen Series is a top-break revolver that pays homage to Major George Schofield’s classic design modifications along with top-break pistolero and Old West outlaw, John Westley Hardin.

Maj. Schofield’s handiwork on the Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver, which included improved heat-treating, improved wear points and relocation of the spring-loaded barrel catch, resulted in U.S. Ordnance Board acceptance with an eventual military contract. Now almost 150 years later, Uberti USA takes the classic 1875 No. 3 2nd Model Top-Break handgun a notch above previous iterations to create an attractive and functional firearm that will function just as good at the range as it looks on the shelf in the gun room.

Like Schofield’s original design modifications, the Hardin revolver is a single-action top-break design that was designed for speed shooting. Uberti USA is set to offer its Hardin model top-break chambered for .45 Colt with a fluted, six-shot cylinder. A round, 7” barrel comes standard with a brass front sight blade.

Top-grade appointments such as high-luster charcoal-blued steel, case-hardened frame and simulated Buffalo-horn stocks will come standard with the Uberti USA Hardin. A limited number of these collectible revovlers will be available from Uberti USA. Watch the video above to see this classic reproduction in action. To learn more, please visit the company website HERE.

Article by American Rifleman Staff

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