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New For 2022: Bushmaster Firearms BA30 Straight-Pull Rifle

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Following its acquisition by Franklin Armory during the auctioning of the Remington Outdoors companies in 2020, Bushmaster Firearms is rolling out a number of new products in 2022, with the first being a unique straight-pull rifle, the BA30, based on the AR .308 platform.

“Bushmaster is excited to add this easy caliber conversion bolt action rifle to the market,” Bushmaster Firearms International CEO Sun Naegle said. “As you all know, this is not an Adaptive Combat Rifle, but we are full steam ahead on the ACR project for 2022 and are looking forward to bringing it back.”

Built with the company’s trademarked XM-10 bolt and barrel design, the Bushmaster BA30 is an adaptable platform capable of caliber-swapping between .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor, the two chamberings available at launch. Despite looking outwardly like a standard short-action, semi-automatic rifle, the BA30 instead features a bilateral bolt handle that protrudes from either side of the upper receiver, allowing users to charge the next round quickly and easily. Unlike many other straight-pull rifles, the BA30 features spring-assisted loading, which allows the bolt to fly forward under spring pressure, requiring no pushing on the part of the shooter.

Each Bushmaster BA30 is equipped with an interchangeable XM-10 M-Lok handguard and an M1913 Picatinny rail adapter for a folding stock. The gun is equipped with a DM2S trigger, but all AR-pattern trigger units are compatible with the rifle. Barrel lengths are available in 18″ or 24″, depending on the model, and each barrel is topped by a Snake Charmer muzzle brake. AR-style pistol grips are also compatible with the rifle, and the gun ships with an adjustable BFI stock, complete with an interchangeable recoil pad.

Suggested retail pricing on the Bushmaster BA30 straight-pull rifle is $1,799. For more information, visit bushmaster.com.


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