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New For 2022: Diamondback Firearms Sidekick

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Diamondback Firearms is best known for its modern sporting rifles, large format pistols and striker-fired handguns. For 2022, the company has introduced a new line that differs from its previous offerings with its first single- and double-action revolver, the Sidekick. Combining the classic feel of western-style revolvers with the features of modern revolvers, the Sidekick offers and interesting mix of old-world aesthetics with current trends.

Chambered for both the .22 LR and .22 Mag. rimfire cartridges, the Sidekick comes with two nine-round capacity cylinders for each caliber that can be easily swapped. The cylinder of the Sidekick swings out to the left side, allowing for easier reloading and cylinder swaps. It comes with a 4.5″ steel barrel, with six-grove rifling at a 1:16″ right-hand twist rate, which results in an overall length of the Sidekick at 9.875″. Both the frame and the handle are made from a zinc alloy, topped off with a black Cerakote finish, bringing the overall weight down to 32.5 ozs. unloaded.

The barrel is topped off with an unprotected front sight blade, and the rear sight is integral with the top of the frame. For grips, the Sidekick comes with checkered glass-filled nylon panels, though checkered wood options are also available. It has a listed retail price of $320, making it a budget friendly convertible revolver. For more information on the Sidekick and Diamondback Firearms’ other products, visit diamondbackfirearms.com.


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