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New for 2022: Taurus 327

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Taurus announced that its most popular everyday-carry (EDC) revolver line is expanding with the introduction of a six-shot model chambered for the .327 Fed. Mag.

The Taurus 856 has been a stalwart handgun for anyone who favors the performance and simplicity of a revolver for personal protection. The 856’s compact design, smooth operation and recoil-mitigating cushioned grip has made it a popular choice for EDC and deep concealment. Previously chambered only for .38 Spl. +P, Taurus now offers consumers a revolver based off the popular 856, but chambered for the highly capable .327 Fed. Mag. Cartridge.

The .327 Fed. Mag. is one of the “dark horse” cartridges in the personal defense world. Based on a lengthened .32 H&R Mag. cartridge case, the .327 Fed. Mag. exceeds the performance of its parent cartridge with velocity pushing toward the .357 Mag. Range—without the heavy perceived recoil. This makes the .327 Fed. Mag.-chambered Taurus an excellent choice for EDC revolver fans looking for a hard-hitting, yet easily manageable six-round-capacity handgun in a compact and concealable form. And, ammunition options abound, so finding fodder for this versatile new revolver won’t be difficult.

The new Taurus 327 is an affordable double-action/single-action revolver, available with either a 2-inch or a 3-inch barrel. Thanks to its chambering, it is multi-cartridge compatible, as it is also able to fire .32 H&R Mag. and .32 S&W Long cartridges. The matte-black carbon steel or stainless-steel barrel, cylinder and frame are backed by a recoil-absorbing rubber grip that is comfortable and provides excellent retention in a compact handgun platform. The Taurus 327’s serrated-ramp front sight and no-snag rear-sight channel provide quick and clear target acquisition.


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