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New For 2024: Mossberg Optics-Ready Shotguns

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The popularity of electronic optics has spread from rifles to handguns and now, to shotguns. New for 2024, Mossberg has announced 15 new optics-ready models in the company’s 500, 590, 835 and 940 shotgun families. Each of these new optics-ready shotguns has a patent-pending receiver-cut that is designed for direct mounting of a Shield RMSc-pattern micro red-dot sight. A cover plate is supplied when an optic is not in use.

Holosun red-dot sight shown on top of a Mossberg shotgun receiver.Mossberg optics-ready models have a receiver cutout for direct mounting of electronic sights.

right side of the Mossberg 940 JM Pro shotgun.The flagship model of Mossberg’s shotgun line, the 940 JM Pro has been upgraded to be optics ready.

Mossberg’s flagship optics-ready semi-automatic shotgun is its 940 JM Pro. Designed for 3-gun competition, the 940 JM Pro has a 24” barrel and an extended magazine for a nine-shot capacity. The 940 JM Pro is available with either a black stock and tungsten metal finish or MultiCam stock and black metal finish and has a MSRP of $1,260. A four-shot version of the 940 JM Pro with the tungsten finish has a MSRP of $1,274.

Right side of the Mossberg 940 Snow Goose shotgun.Mossberg is also updating many of its 940 models with an optics-ready receiver, like the 940 Pro Waterfowl Snow Goose pictured above.

Mossberg is also offering optics-ready versions of its hunting and tactical 940 Pro models. On the hunting side is the Waterfowl Snow Goose, Waterfowl and Turkey models. The 940 Pro Waterfowl Snow Goose has a Battleship Gray Cerakote finish on its metal and a snow camouflage stock. Offered with a 28” barrel, the Waterfowl Snow Goose is available in four-shot and 12-shot models. Both have a MSRP of $1,323.

The Waterfowl model has a Patriot Brown Cerakote metal finish and camouflage stock with a MSRP of $1,246. All waterfowl models are designed for extreme weather conditions with self-draining stocks, chrome-lined bores and stainless steel return springs. The 940 Pro Turkey has a MSRP of $1,406 and comes with a Holosun 407K micro red-dot sight with a color-matched olive drab finish installed from the factory.

The final area of 940 shotguns given the optics-ready treatment is Mossberg’s tactical semi-automatic model. The 940 Tactical Pro has an 18.5” barrel and a seven-round magazine capacity. It is offered with either an Olive Drab Green or Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish. The 940 Tactical Pro with either finish has a MSRP of $1,281.

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey shotgun shown with a Holosun red-dot sight installed.Mossberg is offering certain optics-ready models, such as the 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey shown, with a Holosun 407K red-dot sight installed from the factory.

Mossberg’s pump-action shotguns are now also available optics-ready, in both hunting and tactical models. The 3.5” chamber 835 Ulti-Mag Turkey optics-ready is offered as a package with a Holosun 407K for a MSRP of $895. The 500 series Turkey model shotguns are offered in optics packages with the Holosun 407K, available in three models including full-size and super-bantam 20 gauges and a .410-bore version. All three models have a MSRP of $844.

Mossberg 590S Magpul Edition shotgun shown with a red-dot sight installed.On the tactical side of Mossberg pump shotguns, the 590S Magpul edition shown above.

On Mossberg’s tactical pump-action side, two models of the omnivorous 590S are offered optics ready. The 590S Compact optics ready has a MSRP of $727. The 590S Magpul edition, which comes with a Magpul SGA adjustable stock and MOE fore-end, comes with a 407K red dot installed from the factory. To see all of Mossberg’s new-for-2024 shotguns, visit mossberg.com.



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