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New For 2024: Rock River Arms BT2 ATR

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Rock River Arms is providing true ambidexterity in the AR-15 platform with its BT2 ATR, or “Ambidextrous Tactical Rifle.” Throughout the design, controls are set up to give right- and left-handed shooters full access, ensuring that anyone can utilize their rifle, regardless of hand dominance.

On the RRA BT2 ATR forged receiver set, there are machined slots that allow the ambidextrous bolt-catch and magazine release to be placed on either side of the receiver. The rifle is also outfitted with an ambidextrous selector switch, and at the top end of the gun, there’s a Radian Raptor charging handle that offers access to either hand.

Watch our “New For 2024” video above to see the full details of the BT2 ATR.



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