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New: Kinetic Concealment Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit

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Kinetic Concealment is launching a new Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit billed by the company as “a comprehensive solution for maintaining and cleaning firearms.”

Kinetic Concealment Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit

Wolf’s All-in-One gun oil and cleaner is included in the kit, along with a storage pouch with multiple pockets.


While normally known for holsters, this new kit from Kinetic Concealment is bargain priced at $29.95. As such, it could prove to be a solid purchase for shooters as a firearm cleaning kit to throw in your range bag for use in the field or at the range.

The new Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit from Kinetic Concealment includes a high-quality cleaning cloth, cleaning brush, 100 cleaning pads, plus a one fluid ounce bottle of Wolf All-in-One gun oil and cleaner. In addition, the kit comes with a special tactical pouch that is designed for easy storage and transport. The pouch features extra pockets for even more convenience. Not a bad small firearm maintenance kit for the price of $29.95.

Go to kineticconcealment.com to learn more about the company’s new Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit.

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