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New: RCBS Die Sets For .30 Super Carry, .44 Auto Mag.

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RCBS has introduced new reloading dies for the .44 Auto Mag. and .30 Super Carry cartridges.

Since its introduction earlier this year, Federal’s .30 Super Carry has become a popular handgun cartridge, and as more handgunners switch over to the new round, demand for .30 Super Carry reloading equipment also increases. Working closely with Federal to quickly bring to market a die set for the new cartridge, RCBS developed the new .30 Super Carry die set so that shooters can start producing handloads.

More about the .30 Super Carry cartridge: Introduced at SHOT Show 2022, the new .30 Super Carry cartridge has the power of the 9 mm with similar felt recoil. The 0.312-inch diameter projectile carries the same energy as 9 mm at the muzzle, with better ballistics than .380 Auto. In addition, it can be chambered in smaller handguns, after gun manufacturers begin offering guns that are designed and built specifically for .30 Super Carry.

Both the new .30 Super Carry and .44 Auto Mag. die sets from RCBS include three dies with purchase: carbide sizer, expander and seater.

To learn more about the both of the new die sets or to see the full lineup of RCBS dies, visit rcbs.com.

Article by SSUSA STAFF

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