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Browning X-Bolt Pro McMillan Long Range

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The Browning X-Bolt Pro McMillan Long Range, chambered for .280 AI, is a rifle outfitted with features and accessories that are conducive for the repeatable accuracy that long-range hunting and target shooting requires. Treated with Cerakote’s Carbon Gray finish, and adorned with a premium McMillan stock, this latest X-Bolt rifle is one of Browning’s top-tier offerings.

At its heart is an X-Bolt series receiver that internally offers a three-lug bolt with spiral fluting on its body and handle. A Cerakote finish covers the bolt and action, as well as the company’s air-gauged and skip-fluted 26” steel barrel. The gun’s overall length comes to just under 47” and comes in at a combined weight of about 7.5 lbs., which is a lot of gun in a fairly lightweight arrangement.


right side bolt-action receiver and stock camouflage paint gun


Browning supplies a 20-m.o.a. canted rail with an integrated bubble level atop the X-Bolt Pro receiver, which is a handy indicator for maintaining proper rifle position while sighting those distant, hard-to-reach targets. Included with the package from Browning is the company’s Recoil Hawg muzzle brake. Our experience on the range found the device to be an effective design, thanks to its gas-dampening baffles and ports.


rifle bolt-action underside action receiver gunstock camouflage magazine gun parts


Included with the X-Bolt Pro McMillan Long Range is Browning’s well-regarded Feather Trigger system, an adjustable design that comes factory-set to break at 3.5 lbs. A lightweight polymer magazine comes standard, too. Though, unlike traditional leaf-sprung magazines, the X-Bolt magazine is designed to feed cartridges directly in-line with the bolt rather than an offset configuration, thanks to the internal, rotary design.


rear view of man wearnig glasses and earmuffs shooting bolt-action rifle target shooting gun text on image noting "remote camera"


Watch American Rifleman staff in this latest NRA Gun of the Week video to see the Browning X-Bolt Pro McMillan Long Range rifle in use.

Browning X-Bolt Pro McMillan Long Range Specifications
Action Type: bolt-action, centerfire rifle
.280 AI (Ackley Improved)
26″ steel
four-round detachable box
none; 20 m.o.a. Picatinny rail
 Cerakote Carbon Gray
StockMcMillan Game Scout, Sonoran Carbon Ambush finish
Overall Length: 46 3/4″
 7 lbs., 7 ozs.
MSRP: $2,630

Article by Americanrifleman

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