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NRA Gun Of The Week: Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver In 350 Legend

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What began back in the 1990s as a concept to create an enlarged single-action revolver based on Ruger’s Blackhawk came to the commercial market in the 2000s thanks to Magnum Research. Through the years, Magnum Research has continued to expand the BFR line and its chambering options to include a diverse selection of rifle and big-bore handgun options, in both short- and long-cylinder configuration. Watch the video above to see this latest BFR chambered for 350 Legend in use on the range.

Man on shooting range with Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver BFR stainless steel leupold scope

The Big Frame Revolver, or BFR for short, features stainless steel construction and is configured to accommodate a longer-than-usual cylinder. Our test sample, which was evaluated for American Rifleman Magazine, is chambered for the fastest straight-wall cartridge yet made, the 350 Legend, and the package is sure to provide a fun time at the range and on the hunt. Like any good single-action revolver, the BFR has a well-tuned action and trigger—our test sample’s trigger broke at well under 3 lbs. The 350 Legend has many positives to offer in any format, but the fact that Magnum Research has chambered its BFR in the cartridge just makes it extra cool.

Magnum Research BFR revolver in hands arms gun stainless steel revolver Leupold Scope extraction ammunition

Outfitted with a free-wheeling cylinder, the shooter can turn the cylinder either clockwise or counterclockwise when loading fresh cartridges or removing spent cases. A swing-out loading gate is positioned in the traditional location and there is an ejector rod to extract spent cases. It is important to note that with the BFR in 350 Legend, cartridges are designed headspace off the case mouth within the cylinder, so there is no need for clips—simply drop six rounds in, close the gate and shoot.

Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver BFR left-side view stainless steel gun black grips stocks

During our range sessions with the BFR, it was noticeable how mild and controllable Winchester’s 350 Legend cartridge was to shoot from the nearly 5-lb. revolver. Sure, Winchester’s Power Max load with 160-grain bonded bullets will produce sharp recoil and provide extreme effectiveness on big-game species, but there are softer-shooting options from Winchester. The BFR comes with a set of adjustable sights that are useful on the range. In addition there is an optic rail available, should users want to magnify their experience.

Manufacturer: Magnum Research
Model: Big Frame Revolver (BFR)
Action Type: single-action, centerfire revolver
Chambering: 350 Legend
Frame: stainless steel
Barrel: 7.5″ stainless steel
Finish: brushed stainless
Trigger: single-action, 2-lb., 12-oz. pull
Sights: fully adjustable; square-notch rear, fixed-blade front
Capacity: six-round
Overall Length: 15.75″
Weight: 78 ozs.
MSRP: $1,344


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