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Over 100 Democrats Seek to End CDC Gun Violence Research Ban

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Last week, over 100 Democrats encouraged House leaders to end a ban on federal funding for gun violence research by the Center for Disease Control.

One hundred and ten representatives signed a letter that was sent a letter to then Speaker of the House John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi calling for an end to the funding. Interestingly enough, they didn’t send a letter calling for the defunding of the murder mills of Planned Parenthood, which murders over 300,000 humans every year!

“As you are aware, these annual policy riders – known as the ‘Dickey Amendments’ and ‘Rehberg Amendments’ – have in practice prohibited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies falling under the Department of Health and Human Services from conducting publicly funded scientific research on the causes of gun violence or its effects on public health,” the letter reads, in part. “There is no valid reason not to fund this research. Earlier this year, Democrats offered an amendment at the Appropriations Committee markup to strike these harmful riders, but it was rejected on a largely partisan vote.”

One of the amendments that was referenced in the letter was passed in 1996 and named for Arkansas Republican Jay Dickey.

Dickey, who was interviewed in October by the Huffington Post said that he had regrets because he wished “we had started the proper research and kept it going all this time.”

Huffington Post reported, “Dickey proclaimed victory — an end, he said at the time, to the CDC’s attempts “to raise emotional sympathy” around gun violence. But the agency spent the subsequent years petrified of doing any research on gun violence, making the costs of the amendment cleareeven to Dickey himself.

“If we had somehow gotten the research going, we could have somehow found a solution to the gun violence without there being any restrictions on the Second Amendment,” Dickey said. “We could have used that all these years to develop the equivalent of that little small fence.”

I don’t know how, since the federal government should have never been involved in these studies at taxpayer expense in the first place any more than they should be involved in writing legislation to restrict or regulate arms.

Though it was claimed that this was bipartisan, no Republican signed the letter. Nowhere in the Constitution does it provide for studies on gun violence. In fact, what would those studies provide Congress authority to do, seeing as how the Second Amendment, nor any other part of the Constitution, provide authority for them to write law concerning arms.

However, fair studies do often undermine gun grabbers at every turn and often demonstrate they are liars, but we also have people in the private sector who provide this information at no cost to the taxpayer.

Arms legislation in Washington, as well as tax payer funded studies should be immediately cut off. There is no need for either.

All this is, is an attempt to manipulate public money for an anti-gun agenda, something that Hussein Obama has attempted to put in place.

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