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Pennsylvania: Governor Tom Wolf’s Veto Pen Strikes Again

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On Thursday, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed yet another important pro-Second Amendment piece of legislation.  Only a couple months ago, the Governor struck down constitutional carry after both chambers passed the bill.  This time, it was a preemption bill which passed with bipartisan support in both chambers.  HB 979 had recently passed the Senate on a vote of 32 to 17, making it almost veto-proof.  However, the state’s chief executive once again took unilateral action and killed the legislation outright.

HB 979 would have strengthened Pennsylvania’s firearms preemption statute.  This legislation sought to further prevent local governments from adopting their own gun control rules that create a patchwork of local gun laws across Pennsylvania that are inconsistent with state law and subject otherwise law-abiding gun owners to different firearm regulations as they travel within the Commonwealth.  This measure would have also provided plaintiffs who challenge these laws in court an opportunity to recover attorney fees and court costs if they successfully make their case.

This latest action once again underscores and reinforces a critical point for Pennsylvania gun owners.  Elections matter.  The Keystone State needs to return a pro-gun Legislature to Harrisburg, but this time, send them a pro-gun Governor.  We would like to thank all of the NRA members who contacted their legislators and the Governor.  Please continue to follow NRA-ILA updates for the latest news, and we hope to see you in Harrisburg this weekend for the Great American Outdoor Show.​

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