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Preview: Browning Ammunition Silver Series

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For decades, a popular projectile option for hunters has been the classic soft-point bullet, and Browning has updated that design with its Silver Series.

These traditionally constructed cartridges are loaded with a heavy-for-caliber projectile with a nickel-plated jacket that prevents corrosion and eases feeding into the chamber. Cartridges are sold in 20-round boxes and are available in 10 popular chamberings, including a 180-grain .308 Win., 100-grain .243 Win., 129-grain 6.5 mm Creedmoor and 180-grain 350 Legend.

The suggested retail price on Browning’s Silver Series ammunition starts at $30 for the company’s .243 Win. loads and tops out at $42 for .300 Win. Mag. For more information, visit browningammo.com.

Article posted with permission from American Rifleman

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