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Preview: Cimarron Firearms “Man With No Name” 1851 Navy Cartridge Conversion

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Cast as the “Man With No Name” in the 1966 Spaghetti Western “The Good, Bad and the Ugly,” Clint Eastwood shot his way into cinematic fame with a unique cartridge conversion of the Colt Model 1851 Navy, and Cimarron Firearms offers a faithful reproduction of this iconic sidearm.

The Man With No Name Conversion retains the overall profile of the M1851 blackpowder revolver, even keeping the loading lever at the bottom of the barrel, but a hinged loading gate at the rear of the frame allows shooters to fire modern factory ammunition in the form of .38 Colt or .38 Spl. Mated to the casehardened frame is a brass trigger guard and grip frame, and the grip consists of walnut stocks with an inlaid silver rattlesnake.

The single-action revolver has a capacity of six rounds and is outfitted with a 7.5″ barrel. MSRP is $960. For more information, please visit cimarron-firearms.com.


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