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Preview: Determinator Effective Range Targets

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A rifle shooter’s capacity to group tightly from a stable bench actually reveals very little about his or her ability to place accurate shots on game from less-ideal field positions, and that reality is what makes Determinator Effective Range Targets such a great idea for pre-hunt training.

Designed to be set up at 100 yards and then shot five times (with a zeroed rifle) from a position likely to be utilized on the hunt, the targets feature concentric circles assigned to different distances that allow users to determine their own effective range from that position without requiring access to a long-range facility.

Available in multiple versions that replicate the vital zones of various species of North American game (whitetail deer shown), Determinator targets come five to a pack. MSRPs (varies by species) run from $10 to $25. For more information, visit determinatortargets.com.



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