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Preview: FN DFNS & GUNR 5.7×28 mm FN Ammunition

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Catering to the growing number of firearms on the market chambered for the 5.7×28 mm FN cartridge, FN America has announced the addition of two new 5.7×28 mm ammunition options.

The first, FN GUNR, is a target-oriented load that offers comparable felt recoil, velocity and accuracy to FN’s previous SS197SR ammunition. Loaded with a 40-grain FMJ bullet, the offering is designed to function reliably across the range of currently available 5.7 mm firearms.

FN’s DFNS offering provides 5.7 mm fans with a dedicated self-defense load that features a 30-grain jacketed hollow point with a frangible copper-tin core. FN highlights it as having passed the FBI test protocol, according to independent testing.

Both the DFNS and GUNR options are sold in boxes of 50 rounds.

MSRP is $27 (GUNR); $40 (DFNS). For more information, visit fnamerica.com.



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