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Preview: Lone Wolf Elimin8r

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Long known as a leading provider of accessories for Glock pistols, Lone Wolf Arms has branched out into the suppressor arena with the Elimin8r, a model designed for .45-cal. hanguns and rated for full-automatic use with virtually all common centerfire pistol cartridges (and also subsonic .300 Blackout ammunition).

Measuring 8.45″ in its longest configuration and weighing 10 ozs., the eight-baffle silencer features a tubeless, modular design that affords user choice. The system is simple to assemble, disassemble and customize. An O-ring within each removable section ensures a tight fit while also easing disassembly for cleaning.

Lone Wolf provides a black-anodized 7075 on its aluminum Elimin8r for protection and glare reduction. The silencer was designed to be compatible with many of the suppressor industry’s most popular piston designs, however, no piston comes with the accessory.

The Lone Wolf Arms Elimin8r MSRP is set for $600. Accessory pistons are available and valued at $79.95. For more information, please contact lonewolfdist.com.


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