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Preview: Medesha FireArms Elevation-Adjustable Rear Sight Base

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A modern, accurate bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle that has a Picatinny or Weaver rail atop its receiver can benefit from an old-school match sight such as the Redfield Palma, and the Medesha Elevation-Adjustable Rear Sight Base is just the ticket for mounting it.

Precision-crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, the base features a clamping mount secured by stainless-steel, socket-head screws and a sideplate that mates to the mount with longitudinal grooves that allow the latter’s rail to be set in 5-m.o.a. increments over the boreline. The sideplate, which secures to the mount with stainless-steel, button-head screws, can also be flipped for gross adjustments.

The rear sight base from Medesha FireArms costs $60 retail. For more information, please visit medeshafirearms.com.


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