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Preview: Plano Rustrictor AW2 52″ Rifle Case

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The Rustrictor series of gun cases and field/ammunition boxes from Plano offer water-tight, pressure-controlled, rust-proof protection of your items, and the AW2 52″ Rifle Case is the biggest of the lot. With an internal compartment measuring 51″x14″x5″, the case is large enough to accommodate most long guns on the market or an assortment of handguns.

The company’s corrosion-preventive Rustrictor treatment is infused directly into the case’s resin to block the formation of rust. An internal release valve serves to equalize pressure changes that occur due to temperature or altitude shifts, and a set of wheels make for easy transport of your firearms.

MSRP for the AW2 52″ is $250. For more information, please visit planomolding.com.


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