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Preview: Winchester Ballistics Calculator

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Winchester Ammunition’s Ballistics Calculator, available free online and through the iOS and Android app stores, is new and improved with a number of enhancements for 2022. This simple, easily navigated tool is a convenient way to view detailed ballistic charts and trajectory graphs for all of Winchester’s ammunition loads, and users can compare up to four separate loads at a time.

Improvements found in the latest version of the Ballistics Calculator include customizable shooting conditions, such as elevation, wind speed and outside temperature. The app provides a wealth of information for each load, including bullet drop, flight time, line-of-sight drop, wind drift, velocity and energy. The range interval can be set in 5-yard increments, giving you an easy-to-view and easy-to-print road map to accurate, precise shooting.

Seven categories of ammunition offerings are available through the app, encompassing centerfire handgun, centerfire rifle, handgun hunting, handgun target/defense, rimfire handgun, rimfire rifle and shotgun slug. For more information, please visit winchester.com.


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