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Product Preview: Armaspec Battle Grip Screw

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The Battle Grip Screw is a very simple product from Armaspec that makes a ton of sense. When changing out the pistol grip on AR-pattern rifles, it can be a real pain to locate and tighten the screw that secures the grip in place because the screw is typically so short and the opening in the grip is so tight.

By creating an extended steel grip screw that measures 4.17 long, Armaspec has simplified this operation to the point that it can now be performed easily in the field using nothing more than a coin or knife blade to tighten the screw. The Battle Grip Screw is available as a standalone product or included in a bundle alongside the company’s aggressively textured Tactical Grip.

MSRP is $15; $33 (bundle). For more information, visit armaspec.com.




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