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Product Preview: TargetTack Variety Pack

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Made in the U.S. from recyclable materials, the patent-pending TargetTack offers shooters a reusable pin system, and a variety pack is available from the company that offers both its 1– and 3-long pins.

These tacks are brightly colored and highly visible to allow shooters to place paper targets on various substrates while saving money and weight by leaving the staple gun and staples on the home workbench. An easy-to-grasp looped head mounts flush to the target while a tapered, tri-bladed and serrated anchor bites securely into a target backer.

The variety pack comes with a total of eight TargetTacks, four of each size. Bulk orders are available. MSRP is $28. For more information, visit targettack.myshopify.com.



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