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Protester Mirrors Communists – Claims if You have a Gun, You’re a Racist

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In a video posted by Mike Bluehair at YouTube, a protester blasted a man who simply carried a semi-automatic rifle to a rally in Seattle, Washington, calling him a racist for carrying his weapon. No, seriously they did.

Here’s what I want those who view this video to do. Identify the woman throughout the video. Click on the Contact link above and please provide credible evidence to her identity and address. If people like this want to engage in this communist style type of intimidation, then we’ll help to provide a “teachable moment” for them.

The video not only included the female communist’s rant about the man carrying the rifle as being racist, but also gave brief video portion of the New Black Panthers, who are a part of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. These are the same individuals who attended an open carry march in Texas, openly calling for the murder of police officers.

Guns are not racist, but the New Black Panthers are. This white communist female in the midst of the march is, but this is the very cry that David Risselada has warned us about. He wrote:

Communists and socialists have been able to rally the unsuspecting masses to their cause by playing on the emotions of the uninformed and the gullible. One of their most successful tactics they employ is teaching people they are being oppressed by a privileged class. We see this playing out every day in the United States as the fascist left is taking “white privilege” to a dangerous level. While our universities, along with the Obama administration, are attempting to silence the white man with catch phrases like “check your privilege,” or accusing us of being racist simply for opposing Obama’s fundamental transformation, racial violence directed at whites is on the rise.

Colin Flaherty has been doing unprecedented work in exposing the rapid rise of violence against whites by angry black mobs, who have been taught their whole life they are oppressed by the white man. What else could the result be when such efforts are made to teach society that whites are racist simply for being born white? This was the message at a recent “white privilege conference.” The question America should be asking is; what is the point of teaching society that one group of people is “racist” and primarily responsible for all the troubles of another, if not to stir up strife and discontent? The very purpose of community organizing is to rally people around these concepts of oppression and unfairness, we all know Barrack Obama is a community organizer.

“To stir up dissatisfaction and discontent; disrupt existing complacent expectations and break down the individualistic orientations of community residents.”

The uploader of the video asks, “Why is it that liberals don’t freak out about when black people decide to take to the streets and police the police?”

“I 100% support the Huey P Newton Gun Club!” he added. “Does that make me a racist? NO! I also support when white people open carry! I ask again,does that also make me a racist? No, it certainly does not!”

“I hate it when people don’t like what someone else is doing,” he continued. “They naturally, as a default position, decide to scream racism! It’s anti-logic!”

Indeed, but when true racism is applied, as in the members of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, who were a part of the New Black Panther march in Texas, take to the streets and openly call for the murder of police officers and when their leaders like King Samir Shabazz have called for the genocide of people who have lighter pigmentation, but are still created in the image of God, just as he is, then that is the very definition of racism.

The New Black Panthers have been armed by our own federal government and the Obama administration has often turned blind eye to their open intimidation and cries for murder.

Now, we have useful idiots calling gun owners racists! What’s next? If we carry a knives, we’re misogynists?


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