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Range Report: Federal Trophy Bonded Tip Vital Shok

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Article first appeared at Cheaperthandirt.

During my time in law enforcement, I chose Federal Cartridge Company for issue loads after a grueling test period in two separate agencies. I have also enjoyed excellent results with Federal Cartridge Company for more than 40 years. I could discern the quality and accuracy of this brand even as a very young hunter. The newest development in .223 Remington ammunition was interesting from the first press release.

The .223 Remington was originally intended as a long-range varmint and pest cartridge. The cartridge was adopted as a jungle fighter by Armalite for use in the original AR-15 and later the M-16 rifle. Today, the cartridge remains popular as a varmint and pest control load but the 5.56mm NATO version is our service rifle cartridge. The .223 is also the single most popular police service rifle cartridge.

Many of us use the rifle in 3Gun Competition and for home defense. The shortcomings of the original bullets, designed for pests, become obvious when put to the test. These bullets were designed to humanely and quickly destroy pests and varmints. They do so, often vaporizing smaller varmints. With a standard velocity of over 3,000 fps, these loads have plenty of energy to work with. Modern bullet technology allows the cartridge to address the needs of personal defense and even larger game. Bullets heavier than the standard 55-grain projectile have been developed for use in these pursuits.

Federal introduced the Vital Shok Trophy Bonded Tip to those who favor the .223 for deer-sized game. With a proper bullet, the .223 will do the business. The bullet is the key. This bullet retains more than 90 percent of its weight in ballistic testing, penetrates deep, and shoots flat and accurately thanks to its high ballistic coefficient. The solid copper shank crushes bone. The exterior skiving on the nickel-plated bullet ensures optimum expansion at any range. The tough, bonded construction makes the new 223 Rem. load a viable choice for medium-size game.

expanded 62 grain vital shok bullet

The Federal Cartridge Company 62-grain Vital Shok offers excellent expansion and weight retention.

The bullet features a Neon polymer tip and boat-tail design for flat trajectory and accuracy. The tip is pretty important. When conducting classes and working with many AR-15 rifles, I have noted that the open-tip bullets popular in some applications may snag on the front of an off-spec magazines. How many off-spec magazines are there in use? Many, many and more! You must proof the cartridge of choice with the individual rifle. The polymer tip aids in feed reliability. Ballistic coefficient is also improved. I think that this was the original intent, but the ballistic tip design is also a good step in the right direction for proper feed reliability.

I like the 62-grain bullet weight for many reasons. One reason, is the fact that I have one of my top AR-15 rifles set up for the 62-grain Green Tip load from Federal Cartridge. It isn’t a problem to use the Green Tip for practice sessions, and then the Bonded TIP load for hunting or personal defense. Yes, personal defense. The bad guys sometimes wear heavy clothing; even heavy vests with various gear. They may also be behind cover.

While Federal offers personal defense loads and LEO loads in .223, the newest loading is clearly a good choice for all around use. Accuracy and function are also important, so I tested the new loading in three different rifles for function and accuracy. Using the Mossberg MPV bolt-action rifle, I fired the Federal 62-grain load for both accuracy and function. This rifle uses AR-15 magazines. The rifle was fitted with an affordable, but useful, Nikko Stirling rifle scope.

Smith and Wesson M&P Sport ar-15 rifle

The S&W M&P Sport isn’t the most accurate rifle in the safe but it is very useful. Good results came with the Federal loading.

Function was smooth, and the rifle exhibited a .9-inch 3-shot group at 100 yards. Moving to the Smith and Wesson Military and Police Sport, topped with a Burris ARFF3 red dot, I tested the rifle and load at 50 yards. A 3-shot group went into two inches, and again function was perfect. Switching to the Colt SOCOM withRedfield Battlezone scope, I opened the Champion bipod and went prone at the 100-yard line. I fired three 3-shot groups. While the average was 1.25 inches one group went into a solid .8-inch. The 62-grain Federal load is clearly accurate and function was never in question.

Finally came ballistic testing. I do not have the facilities that Federal does for testing, but I can stack up water jugs and fire the loads into them. The recovered bullets were picture perfect. The bullet does indeed retain most of its weight, even at the close range at which I tested the Federal loading. In the end, this is an outstanding loading well worth its price. Based on function, accuracy, and ballistic efficiency—as well as expansion and penetration—this is a superior loading that performs like few if any other .223 Remington load.

Will Federal’s Trophy Bonded Tip Vital Shok .223 become a regular in your ammunition cabinet? Share your thoughts and opinions about the best .223 for the job in the comment section.

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