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Review: ANR Appendix Holster Builder with Polymer Claw

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New Hampshire-based ANR Designs has been making top-quality Kydex holsters for a laundry list of firearms for a long time. From outside-the-waistband side carry to inside-the-waistband concealed carry to drop thigh holsters for tactical applications, chances are ANR makes a holster for just about every handgun carry application.

They recently sent me their Appendix Holster Builder with Polymer Claw – Inside The Waistband for my Smtih & Wesson Shield 9mm to test and try out. In my experience, holster companies fall into two categories: fancy schmancy craft houses that include lots of accents and intricacies (they also sip craft beer and wear man buns) vs. utilitarian manufacturers whose products hold the gun the way it’s supposed to be held, firmly and comfortably without a lot of frills.

ANR falls onto the latter. And their Appendix Holster Builder with Polymer Claw – Inside The Waistband is about as straightforward as a holster gets while still giving the user some options to play with.

It starts with a classic Kydex,  taco-style shell that, during my testing, kept its shape perfectly and held the gun tightly enough that I felt confident carrying it all day long. Not once did I worry about the gun popping out as I went about my day. The biggest complaint about Kydex holsters is they can be uncomfortable because the stuff plastic presses against flesh. I get it, but that was not my experience with this one. It was comfortable from start to finish.

The holster is held to the belt by your choice of fasteners. ANR sent me all of them for testing.

  • Engraved polymer clip
  • ANR DCC monoblock steel belt clip
  • NeoMag T-Post Top Mount Alias

The last two come with a slight upcharge.

holster back

I tried all three, and they all worked well, but my favorite was the standard engraved (with their logo) polymer clip. This two-screw belt holder is wide enough to form a firm grip on the belt, preventing the holster from swiveling inside the waistband. It also allows the easiest on and off at the beginning and end of your day. I deliberately banged up against objects to see if I could dislodge the holster, but it stayed exactly where I put it.

On top of belt affixing options, the Appendix Holster Builder with Polymer Claw – Inside The Waistband also features the polymer claw to give the gun’s grip just a bit more concealability. I’ve always liked claws, especially since I carry around a little extra guttural girth, making me appreciate the extra help to make the gun disappear under my shirt or jacket. The claw’s two screws also serve as the holster’s retention adjustment system.

With an MSRP of $68.99, this holster falls right in line with its competition, price-wise. One thing that struck me, however, is that a lifetime warranty costs $14.99, something most other holster makers toss in with the price; however, the ANR Holsters warranty is a “no-questions-asked warranty.” If anything happens to it, even outside of normal use, ANR will repair or replace. Is it worth the extra money? That’s for you to decide. As for the holster, this one definitely makes my Recommended list.



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