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Rittenhouse Case Collapses – It’s Glorious Too! (Video)

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The federal government has been engaged in Brady violations for decades, breaking the law by hiding exculpatory evidence in order to prosecute the innocent. This is just another example of their criminal activity and yet, they are never prosecuted for their crimes, often they are not even fired, but simply moved down the ladder or to another part of the country. This witch hunt of a case against Kyle Rittenhouse just fell completely apart due to the same criminal activity by the prosecution, as well as the FBI.

Here’s the moment it all fell apart.

Then there is all of this.

Of course, it doesn’t seem that “Monica” knows the ins and outs of what was going on either.

“The case against Kyle Rittenhouse is falling apart faster than the government of Afghanistan,” tweeted Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiac.

Now, this guy here gets it as he calls for the prosecution of everyone behind the Rittenhouse prosecution. Folks, that is biblical!

Exactly right! Bring those who are a part of the organized crime syndicate in our country to justice and do it now!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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