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Ruger LCP: A Budget-Friendly and Reliable Subcompact .380 ACP Handgun

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Ruger came out with its Light Compact Pistol (LCP) in 2008, a sleek-sided, locked-breech, hammer-fired semi-automatic subcompact handgun chambered in .380 ACP for self-defense and concealed carry. It took only nine years for the company to sell 1.5 million. American Rifleman’s video review of the gun explains a lot about the popularity, but the company has never been content to rest on its past accomplishments.

So, in 2016 it rolled out the LCP II, preserving the ingredients that made its predecessor so popular, yet adding touches and improvements requested by many enthusiasts. In doing so the handgun inherited slightly more angularity to its profile, so Ruger made the wise decision not to discontinue its first LCP.

It’s the original that took seventh place in the Gunbroker.com 2019 rankings of semi-auto pistols. The feat’s an impressive one for a 12-year-old handgun, especially in the fickle world of consumer preferences and trends. It also speaks volumes about the forethought and quality the company put into the original design.

There are 16 different models available today and all come with a 2.75” barrel with 6-groove rifling at a 1:16” right-hand twist rate. Capacity is 6+1, regardless of the model. It’s an easily toted flyweight, too, tipping the scales at only 9.6 oz.

Each has a one-piece, glass-filled nylon frame, slide constructed from through-hardened alloy steel and a barrel built from hardened steel. Width is an easily concealed 0.82”. Overall length is 5.16” and sights are integral.

The base model, with black frame along with black oxide slide and barrel has an MSRP of $259. If you prefer an upgrade to the sighting system, a version that ships from the factory with a Viridian E-Series Red Laser will set you back $349. You can also purchase a model with a matte-stainless slide for $299 or go patriotic with an American flag theme for $289.

Eight other models are exclusive to distributors and can be ordered through you favorite FFL. There’s a rainbow of colors available, both on the polymer frame and slide. That kind of selection, coupled with reliability and performance, keeps the Ruger LCP among the top choices for concealed carry and backup gun duty.

Article by Guy J. Sagi

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