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There is no doubt that Ruger has earned its reputability in the concealed-carry and personal-defense pistol market since the 2008 release of its LCP semi-automatic chambered for .380 ACP. Now in its third design phase, Ruger is well-poised to earn more kudos with its latest LCP iteration.

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Meet the LCP MAX: Ruger has effectively doubled the capacity of its previous two micro-compact pistol designs with the release of its LCP pistol while also supplying thoughtful improvements throughout. Just like the older LCP and LCP II micro-compacts that came before it, Ruger’s LCP MAX comes to market as a locked-breech, polymer-frame semi-automatic.

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The LCP MAX comes from the box measuring just barely over 5”-long by 4”-tall, and though the little hand-held pistol boasts a fully loaded capacity for up to 13 rounds, it is important to note the gun weighs under 11 ozs. empty, too. For those looking for an easy-to-carry pistol with capacity to boot, the LCP MAX just might be the best choice in Ruger’s impressive lineup of centerfire and rimfire protection tools.

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Changes incorporated into the LCP MAX design made a noticeable improvement over past iterations by offering a widened grip with panels of enhanced texturing—needless to say, Ruger’s LCP MAX more controllable than the original. Further enhancing the shootability of diminutive LCP MAX is the supplied a single-action trigger. Additionally, racking the slide is noticeably easier on the LCP MAX, thanks to the extended slide wings.

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Learn more by watching our NRA Gun of the Week video, where American Rifleman staff shoot and talk about Ruger’s LCP MAX.

Ruger LCP MAX Specifications
ManufacturerSturm, Ruger & Co.
Action Type: recoil-operated, semi-automatic, centerfire pistol
Chambering: .380 ACP
Barrel: 2.8″
Frame: glass-filled nylon
Slide: alloy steel
Finish: black oxide
Sights: adjustable U-notch, serrated rear; tritium post front
Magazine: 10- or 12-round detachable box
Height: 4.12″
Length: 5/17
Width: 0.81″ (slide)
Weight: 10.6 ozs.
MSRP: $449

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