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Ruger Rare Guns Auctions Raise $820,000 For Charities

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Since 2010, Ruger has been working with the popular firearms website GunBroker.com to auction rare, unusual, discontinued or one-of-a-kind Ruger firearms. All proceeds from these auctions are donated to a variety of different charities, with more than $820,000 raised and donated in total over the last decade.

This month Ruger donated the proceeds from the auctions to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) to help the organization further its effort to educate youths about the shooting sports. The $30,000 from Ruger was raised through the sales that were made between September and December, 2021.

“We are proud to be able to support the SSSF in its mission of educating young folks all across America about the shooting sports,” said Ruger President and CEO Chris Killoy. “These auctions are a creative way for us to support important organizations in our industry while also sharing one-of-a-kind Ruger firearms with our loyal customers.”

Ruger is continuing the effort and enthusiasts interested in viewing or bidding on the special firearms can look at offerings on the company’s special webpage. Last year the firm created a special GP100 revolver in the memory of gunwriter Jeff Quinn, who died in late 2020. Funds from that auction went to Bikers Who Care, an organization he helped support.

Some of the rare firearms sold to benefit the SSSF include a striking Ruger Vaquero revolver that featured a hand-engraved western scroll design. A Hawkeye Predator rifle previously owned by former Ruger CEO Mike Fifer—who took the rifle on a hunt in Greenland with his daughter in 2011—was also auctioned to raise the funds.

For more than 70 years Ruger has been a leader in the firearm industry and an enthusiast favorite. Today it offers nearly 800 variations of more than 40 product lines.

Article by GUY J. SAGI

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