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Ruger Resurrects the .44 Mag. Vaquero Revolver

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Article first appeared at NRAmedia.org

NRAmedia – Ruger single-action revolver history buffs know that years ago the Vaquero revolvers were built using a heavier frame designed to handle the pressures produced by .44 Mag. ammunition. In order to make these popular wheelguns a little smaller and lighter, the frame was traded out for a slimmed down version and the .44 Mag. option was dropped from the catalog.

For 2016 Ruger is bringing back the .44 Mag. Vaquero which will eventually be available in multiple configurations. The first gun out the gate will be a distributor special edition with a 3.75″ barrel, polished stainless steel finish and a birdshead grip. More information about pricing and which distributor will have this model in stock will be available soon.

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