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Savage Arms Continues Philanthropic Tradition

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Since Arthur Savage founded it in 1894, Savage Arms has introduced some legendary guns. Along the way it has also eagerly supported a variety of worthwhile causes in the industry, either financially or materially.

Last month, the company announced it is continuing a partnership with Pass It On–Outdoor Mentors, an organization dedicated to providing mentorship and resources to children interested in outdoor sports. The group’s goal is to increase the number of outdoorsmen and women today, so that the industry, and its conservation efforts, have a support system to thrive in the future.

“Pass It On–Outdoor Mentors encompasses everything Savage strives to support as they educate kids on the experiences, safety and ethical practices of the outdoor sports world,” said Beth Shimanski, director of marketing, Savage Arms. “A safe and ethical outdoorsman or woman is a responsible firearm owner, and these mentors work diligently to provide guidance. We’re happy to support their efforts as they mentor a new generation of outdoorsmen and women.”

Pass It On–Outdoor Mentors meet its mission goals by organizing events, fundraising and bolstering community support across the United States. In the last year, the organization engaged more than 1,000 youth and doubled its number of hunts.

In summer of 2023, Savage Arms announced its title sponsorship of The National Rifle League’s NLR22 Series. The NRL22 2024 season kicked off in June. Participants use precision 22 LR rifles to engage steel targets at a wide range of distances, and in a variety of scenarios and shooting positions.

“We’ve been happy to sponsor NRL matches over the years, and now we are looking forward to taking over the title sponsorship for the entire NRL22 season,” Shimanski said.  “We have great products for this type of event, so when the opportunity arose, we took it. It’s a perfect pairing.”

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