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SCCY Pulls No Questions Warranty — Why You Should be Thankful

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Article first appeared at Cheaper than Dirt.

SCCY industries previously offered a “No Questions Asked’ warranty, which was certainly worthy of praise from the gun community. You have to have a lot of faith and great customer service to go that route. However, it seems it comes with its downside too, and a few bad actors have caused SCCY to modify its policy to protect the rest of us. This is a case of a corporate responsibility over profits and we should all support SCCY’s decision.

A black SCCY CPX 2 with a silver slide, muzzle pointed to the left side on a gradient gray and white background.

The SCCY CPX-2 features a slick side design.

Here’s what happened. SCCY was so supportive of the firearms community that it offered to replace stolen guns under it no questions asked warranty. The bad actors? Well, let’s just say they were not very likely to have been—or in any way like—you or me. At least not according to authorities. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, (BATFE) noticed a pattern of SCCY’s pistols being involved at crime scenes. That, in itself, was not what piqued the authorities interest. Instead, it was the low “time to crime” associated with SCCY’s pistols. In other words, the time between when the pistols were purchased to being used in crimes was much lower than the competition.

SCCY took the issue seriously and did a little soul searching from within. What started out as one of the greatest ways a manufacturer could support the Second Amendment may have been exploited by criminals. “Further research indicated that this phenomena may be an unintended consequence of our theft warranty,” said SCCY in the official statement.

“We realize that the majority of people who have contacted SCCY in regard to stolen firearms are honest law-abiding firearms owners and this is another instance where a few bad apples have spoiled it for honest citizens,” continued the statement. “However, in the interest of the public’s safety and welfare, we have no choice but to abolish this program.”

So what is the upshot? SCCY will no longer replace your gun if it was stolen. However, SCCY is still standing behind its product in just about every other way, and that is still one helluva warranty! SCCY still offers a serious lifetime warranty covering its firearms for not just its original owner, but the lifetime of the firearm, for any factory defects. I like that SCCY is still standing behind its products almost as much as its demonstrated commitment to the safety of law abiding gun owners and citizens over profits.

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Corporate responsibility and a company that stands so confidently behind its product… that puts SCCY very high on the list for my next firearm purchase—watch for the review soon. Share your recommendations as to which model I should get in the comment section?


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