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Shades Of Nazi Germany: Republican Congressman Introduces National Gun Registration – Gets 180 Democrat Co-Sponsors

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The Second Amendment was written to protect the unalienable rights of the people to keep and bear arms, as well as establish local, state militias that are necessary for the security of a free state.  Washington, DC, along with several states have attacked these rights and demonized the constitutional militias for decades.  Now, we’re seeing the issue of a national gun registry gaining momentum, which is something that Nazi Germany had, as well as other totalitarian governments in history.  The latest is coming from a Pennsylvania Republican, who has gained 180 Democrat gun grabbers in support of his unlawful, tyrannical bill.

Guns in the News reports:

Pennsylvania RINO Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick has just introduced National Gun Registration legislation (H.R. 715).

As the lead sponsor of H.R. 715, he’s enlisted 180 Democrat cosponsors . . . all Communist gun-grabbers!

Because a Republican like Fitzpatrick is the lead sponsor of this bill, there’s a real danger to our Second Amendment rights in the House.

More than a dozen RINOs voted for gun control last summer!

Please keep reading, I’ll explain below.


Here are the details:

>>> H.R. 715 creates a national registry of every gun owner in America, setting the stage for Joe Biden (or a future gun-grabbing President) to implement widespread gun confiscation down the road!

>>> And should you dare to sell or give one of your firearms away to a family member, a friend you’ve known for decades, or anyone else without first registering that gun with the federal government, you would be facing FELONY charges.

>>> H.R. 715 is the backbone of National Gun Registration and outlaws the private transfer of firearms unless you add your name to a trackable government database.

This is a dream bill for Biden and the Dems, and now they have a Republican leading the charge!

As I mentioned earlier, there is a much-talked about legislative maneuver where this bill could pass.

Even though Republicans control the House, a discharge petition could be used to pass this and get it over to the Senate.

Currently there are 213 Democrats in the House.  All would vote for H.R. 715.

If the Dems can find a handful of Republicans (5) to go along with their gun-grab, they could get to 218 and pass this bill out of the House via a discharge petition.

Remember, there are 18 Republicans in the House who represent Biden-won districts.  They vote like RINOs.

Fitzpatrick is giving the Dems the “bipartisan” support they need that could lead to a discharge petition disaster.

Second Amendment supporters need to FIGHT BACK!

Take action NOW — Sign your petition OPPOSED to H.R. 715!

With the shooting at “gun-free” Michigan State last night, expect the gun control crowd to fire up in a big way.

We’re monitoring the situation on Capitol Hill as the details unfold.

Most importantly, take action today to make sure weak-kneed Republicans don’t cave to the gun-grabbers!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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