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Sheriff To Those He Serves: Tell ATF Agents Conducting Warrantless Gun Inspections To Leave

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In Washington State, a sheriff there has advised those in the county he serves in to tell agents with the unconstitutional Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to leave their property if they show up to conduct and warrantless gun inspection.

Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer gave a press statement at the end of July saying that agents are “making surprise home visits of persons who have purchased two or more firearms at one time. To my knowledge, these ATF visits have not occurred in Washington State yet.”

His statements was in response to these criminals in Delaware, who were claiming to be with the ATF and conducting warrantless searches, demanding to see the owner’s legally owned guns, according to The Washington Times.

“I’m a constitutional sheriff. I got a lifetime membership with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association,” he said. “And I believe strongly in the fact that my duty as sheriff is serving the citizens that put me in office to protect their constitutional rights and liberties.”

“The ATF must answer questions on why they decided to conduct an illegal search, especially since the homeowner had done nothing wrong,” Sheriff Songer said in the statement. “These actions by the federal government are unsettling, and they have no business going door-to-door to see who owns firearms. I fear that there will be more illegal inspections to come as the Left continues its assault on our 2nd Amendment rights. Congress should investigate this immediately.”

Sheriff Songer said that once a resident tells them to leave and they fail to do so “they are trespassing.”  Should that happen, he encouraged residents to contact the sheriff’s office and report it, which could end in the arrest of the agents.

“If the ATF agents do not have a search warrant signed by a judge, and you have told them to leave your property and they refuse to do so, call me, and I will make contact with the agents,” Sheriff Songer said in his statement. “If they still refuse to leave, I will personally arrest the ATF agents for Criminal Trespass and book them into the Klickitat County Jail.”

“In my opinion, these surprise visits by ATF Agents are nothing more than a fishing expedition to see what guns you have in your possession,” Sheriff Songer said.

The sheriff said the ATF agents were looking into “straw purchases” across the US.  It’s ironic since they are the very agency that oversaw more than a thousand of those and gun run down into the hands of Mexican cartels that led to the murder of hundreds of Mexicans, a couple of US federal agents and many more.  Yet, not one person was prosecuted then under Operation Fast and Furious, which was orchestrated by the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and then Attorney General Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress for failing to provide documents related to the illegal operation.

“It appears at this time, ATF agents are making surprise home visits along the I-95 corridor [and] in the states of Indiana, Nevada and Arizona,” he said.

Songer seems to understand his authority and to whom he answers, which is the people who elected him.   He says that he is not worried about offending or angering federal agents either.

“I really don’t care what the FBI or the ATF or the Biden administration has to say. One thing about an elected chair, his only boss is the people that elect him — not the county commissioners, not the governor, not the city, state attorney general, not the president or anyone,” he said. “So, I don’t really worry too much about what they have to say.”

Sheriff Songer is up for re-eelction for a third term.

Below is the video that prompted his statement.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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