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Shooter’s Choice Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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Shooter’s Choice is celebrating its 40th anniversary and marking the milestone with several changes, including a branding refresh and updates to its popular cleaning kit line. The changes are key to reestablishing Shooter’s Choice as a competitive, quality option for gun cleaning with four decades of knowledge and know-how packed into its products.

As part of the brand refresh, Shooter’s Choice—which is based in Lyons, N.Y.—is introducing a bold new face of color in its logo and marketing materials. The vibrant update is the most notable change for the brand and comes after much consideration and collaboration between several departments at Shooter’s Choice.

“We knew a change was needed to better align our brand with our vision,” said Mark Komondor, creative director at Shooter’s Choice. “To further establish itself, we shifted the brand to be bolder, while also giving it a unique style that called back to previously used elements, including the logo, colors, and fonts. With respect to those key historical aspects, we also set out to differentiate the brand from competitors with new concepts.”

In concert with the brand refresh, Shooter’s Choice has also launched new cleaning kits that position the brand competitively in the current market, ensuring a quality product at a budget-conscious level. The kits will be available in popular single-caliber configurations: .22, .30, 9 mm, .40, .45 and 12 gauge. Private label opportunities are also available at low minimum quantities. Coinciding with the release is the addition of new mops, brushes and jags.

“This is an undertaking born by our passion for firearms,” Shooter’s Choice CEO Bill Kleftis said. “We were able to elevate the quality of our kits when compared to others in the market, infusing our standards and practices by working closely with our partner and completing final assembly in our U.S. facility. We are able to create the best value brand, by combining our partner’s assets with several USA-made key components, such as our FP-10 Lubricant Elite CLP to every kit.”

Article by GUY J. SAGI

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