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SHOT Show 2024 Roundup: New Rifles

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Sons of Liberty Gun Works is kicking off 2024 by launching their new Mk-10 series, large frame AR pattern rifles that are built with accuracy and precision in mind. SOLGW’s new rifles follow the same upper and lower receiver geometry such rifles sold by Knights and LMT. The MK-10 also showcases the Texas-based company’s new semi-auto flat faced precision trigger. Perhaps the most distinct aspect is the specialized SOLGW M89 rail variant which incorporates a built-in ARCA rail on the bottom side of the also M-Lok compatible rail. ARCA rails are not typically seen on semi-automatic tactical rifles, but they’re popular on long-range rifles because bipods can be easily moved front to back as needed to give shooters a better angle for their bipods to physically adjust elevation.

Foxtrot Mike Ranch Rifle
Foxtrot Mike is a relative newcomer in the semi-auto rifle universe, and one of their stand-out pieces at the show is their new Foxtrot Mike Ranch Rifle 15, which lacks a pistol grip and uses a more traditionally styled buttstock instead. While Foxtrot Mike isn’t the first to design such a rifle, it does it help alleviate some issues for gun owners who live in ban states, and it’s also a new and fun take on America’s most popular rifle. This year’s Foxtrot Mike Ranch Rifle also includes an M-Lok compatible upper receiver that has a direct gas impingement scheme with an interestingly placed charging handle: all the way forward, which is ideal for right handed shooters.

Ruger Mini 14 Tactical
Ruger is going “retro tactical” this year with the launch of a limited edition Mini 14 that has a folding stock, flash hider and pistol grip. Most importantly, regardless of whether the Mini-14 is your favorite, the new Mini-14 Tactical will probably bring a smile to everyone over the age of 40, as this new Ruger carbine is pretty much a modern semi-automatic rendition of the mythical Ruger AC-556K carbine featured on a hit 1980s TV series. Although it lacks select fire capability, the new Ruger Mini 14 Tactical touches on all the accents and details of the original rifle.

Aero Precision M4E1 Pro (Lower Receiver)
Aero Precision is throwing its hat into the world of fully ambidextrous configured AR-15 firearms by unveiling their new M4E1 Pro carbine at this year’s show. The lower receiver on the M4E1 has controls on either side that allow both left and right handed shooters to drop magazines and release bolt carrier groups smoothly. The M4E1 Pro is part of Aero Precision’s premium receiver line, as all M4E1 lowers are fully machined from billets and include built in enhancements such as flared magazine wells, better compatibility with short throw (and the list goes on).

Article by P. E. FITCH


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