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Should We Bother Reloading Any Longer?

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Reloading ammo, why?

One of my favorite authors, Richard Mann, just published an article at FieldandStream.com, titled “Does It Really Make Sense to Handload Ammunition Anymore?” asking the question if reloading your own ammunition can save you money? I loved the article, but Mr. Mann missed one important point.

Years ago my aviation doctor asked me an important question. What hobbies do I do when I’m not flying? It’s actually an important question that I think many of us should ask ourselves. If we sit in front of a computer screen all day, sell things for a living, or even fly airplanes for pay. Every one of us needs to see something tangible created for our efforts. Many professions don’t ever see the fruits of their labors.

Gardening, woodworking in a shop, or making crafts are just a few examples of things that are all far better than taking drugs to deal with life’s stresses. Much like a day of fishing or sitting in a deer blind, we all need time to decompress and see the fruits of our labors right now, to hold those things in our hands, and take pride in what we have accomplished.

For me, I’ll keep reloading my own ammunition.

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