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Spring Sales, Savings & Sweepstakes Ongoing

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Gun and gear sales remain steady, with February being the 43rd month in a row that NICS numbers reflected more than 1 million firearm purchases. Despite those facts, more and more of the industry’s finest have launched special promotions and sweepstakes in a trend that overshadows years past.

American Rifleman has already covered special incentives from Hornady, Smith & Wesson and Beretta, but they were just the first. Things have accelerated since that story appeared here.

When too many banks are on a San Andreas-fault financial footing, not everyone’s comfortable adding to their collection. If you’re feeling that shake, or even if your finances are on a rock-solid foundation, there are big drawings underway with no entry fee. Simply sign up on a website, but time is limited, so act fast.

You may have missed a prize package worth $3,000 that was up for grabs in Kimber’s 2023 Kimber KHX Custom Sweepstakes. The promotion ended March 20. But it’s not too late to catch another sweepstakes.

Subscribe to the new Vortex Nation newsletter to enter the company’s special promotion that awards winners each week and ends with someone claiming the grand prize—a $5,500 Vortex optics and apparel shopping spree. The big winner will be announced March 31.

Bergara’s Predator Giveaway includes a Bergara B-14 HMR chambered in .22-250 Rem., Athlon scope, Athlon tripod and Lucky Duck electronic predator caller. Value is $2,000. The promotion ends March 30. Full details are here.

Rebates And Discounts
Winchester is offering a 20 percent rebate on target rifle FMJ loads for .223 Rem., 5.56 NATO, 6.5 mm Creedmoor, .300 Blackout, 7.62 NATO and .350 Legend. “I have too much ammo,” said nobody, ever. The deal ends at the stroke of midnight on April 30.

Take home a new KelTec SUB2000 by June 30, and there could be a $100 check in your future. A short list of SUB2000s are not included in the promotion, though, so consult the website for full details.

How about a $25 rebate on a Taurus G4 or $50 back on a GX4 series pistol? You have until June 18 to take home a new one and qualify for the rebates.

Purchase a factory-fresh Winchester Super X pump shotgun or Wildcat rifle, and you could qualify for a $25 rebate. Offer ends March 26.

Take home a new SIG Sauer P320 or P365 through June 30, and there’s free ammo in your future. Full details are here.

Heckler & Koch is offering a rebate that can be redeemed on its web store for two additional magazines with the purchase of a new full-size VP9 pistol. The promotion runs until April 9 and has a retail value of $100.

Purchase a new Walther PDP between March 13 and April 17, and owners qualify to receive a free AmeriGlo Haven Red Dot Sight. MSRP on the optic comes in at $379. The limited-time promotion ends April 17.

American Rifleman has reported on a number of major manufacturers that increased production to meet demand during the record-setting years of 2020 and 2021. With things more normalized in the industry this year—along with the fact that first quarters are traditionally the slowest— the smart bet is that companies are offering great incentives for enthusiasts rather running the risk of being forced into idling new machinery or staff.

We asked if that was the case. The silence was deafening, but if true, it’s a smart move—for enthusiasts, the economy and the entire industry. It’s just a shame today’s social-media Goliaths and the tech sector weren’t smart enough to do the same.

Article by GUY J. SAGI


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