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Summer Reading—Week 1: Concealed Carry

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If your mind has drifted from the summer fiction downloaded onto your tablet to thoughts of which handgun will next adorn your holster—you’ve come to the right place. There are literally dozens of stories within this site dedicated to the best of everything related to carry guns—pocket pistols, holsters, methods and much more. To make it easy, we’ve narrowed the list down to a dozen of our most popular articles from the past few years. From our deck chairs to yours, enjoy some mid-summer non-fiction favorites:

1. Sheriff’s Tips: Empty Chambers

2. Pocket Pistols Past and Present  

3. Tested: Ruger LCP II Handgun  

4. Lights on Carry Guns?  

5. 7 Tips for Pocket Carry  

6. 15 Top Pocket Holsters  

7. 7 Ways to Make Pocket Pistols Work for You

8. 5 Questions Before You Carry Concealed 

9. Tested: Kimber’s Micro 9 Pistols  

10. NRA Gun Gear of the Week: Top 3 Handguns for Concealed Carry  

11. Summertime Concealed Carry

12. Carry Responsibly

Article first appeared at American Rifleman.

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