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Taurus USA 327

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Taurus USA is no stranger in the modern American wheelgun market, with the company offering several models from rimfire to magnum chamberings in a variety of sizes. This also includes a number of compact models, geared more for self-defense and concealed carry. One of these more compact revolvers is the Taurus 327, which gets its designation from its chambering in .327 Federal Magnum. Watch the video above to see the Taurus 327 double-action revolver on the range.

Man wearing protective gear shooting Taurus USA 327 stainless steel double-action revolver white walls

The 327 is a double-action/single-action revolver with a cylinder capacity of six rounds. The frame, barrel and cylinder are all crafted from stainless steel and come in a matte finish, though the 327 is also available in a matte black finished carbon steel, both with 2″ barrel, giving it an overall length of 6.55″. Taurus does offer its 327 with a 3″ barrel, too. The guns come with a six-round cylinder chambered for .327 Fed. Mag. While this chambering bolsters supreme stopping power and recoil energy, the chambers are compatible with .32 H&R Magnum and .32 S&W cartridge for softer recoiling loads. To ease recoil and improve handling the 327 comes with a soft rubber grip, with checkering on the sides and semi-finger grooves on the front. This gives the revolver an overall height of just 4.8″.

Row of .32-caliber pistol firearm handgun cartridge ammunition ammo

For controls, the 327 features an exposed and serrated hammer, a serrated cylinder release on the left side of the frame, a widened trigger shoe and an ejector rod which is housed within the barrel underlug when the cylinder is closed. For sights, there is a removable serrated front sight blade on top of the barrel, and a fixed rear sight which is integrated into the top of the frame.

Taurus USA 327 revolver stainless steel close-up detail parts gun firearm barrel hammer trigger sight

On the range, the Taurus 327 feels like similar compact revolvers in the hand, but is slightly more forgiving than its .357 Magnum chambered counterparts. While not the most compact concealable revolver on the market, it is still small enough to be comfortably tucked away out of sight, while also possessing enough mass and size to maintain handling.

Taurus USA 327 revolver muzzle barrel bore gun left-side view stainless steel metal

Manufacturer: Taurus
Action Type: double-action centerfire revolver
Chambering: .327 Fed.
Frame: stainless steel
Barrel: 2″ stainless steel
Sights: fixed-notch rear, removable post front
Stocks: rubber
Capacity: six-round
Height: 4.8″
Length: 6.55″
Width: 1.41″
Weight: 22 ozs.
MSRP: $388



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