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Teen Shot Seconds After He Tries To Steal Gun From Old Man

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A 16-year-old boy was shot in the stomach as he attempted to steal a gun from a 61-year-old musician in Detroit.

Darius Summers, a 61-year-old grandfather, recently got his concealed carry permit, and he is very thankful he did.

“I’d never been through this,” Summers said. “Never shot a gun before. All this is new to me.”

Summers was a gas station on Detroit’s west side early Sunday morning at the end of July.

That’s when a 16-year-old boy, Xavier Futrell, showed up armed and notice that Summers was also armed.

At that point, the boy attempted to rob Summers of his weapon by putting his gun to Summers’ back.

Apparently, the young boy that the elderly Summers would be an easy target because of his age.  Wrong!

“I just wanted some coffee, so I walked down here,” Summers said.  “I said, ‘All I want to do is leave.’ ‘He said, ‘You can’t leave.’ I said, ‘OK. What do you want to do?'”

It was at that point that Summers drew his gun, turned and fired a shot, striking the teen in the stomach.

The boy dropped his gun, then reached to pick it up and limped out of the store.

Summers said he was not attempting to take the boy’s life, but neither was he going to be a victim.

“I didn’t shoot to kill, I shot to save his life,” Summers said. “I got him up off me.”

Futrell was arrested and charged with assault and intent to murder, carrying a weapon with unlawful intent and a felony firearms violation.

Well, the future doesn’t look too bright for Mr. Futrell, but one thing is for certain, if the boy doesn’t learn a valuable lesson from this, he is going to be a menace to society.

Mr. Summers actually did him a favor here.  He should be thankful to even be alive.

As for Mr. Summers, well done, Sir!

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