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Tennessee: Constitutional Carry Legislation Heads to Governor Lee’s Desk for His Signature

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Today, the Tennessee House gave final approval to NRA-supported Constitutional Carry Legislation, Senate Bill 765 /House Bill 786.  This important measure now heads to the desk of Governor Bill Lee for his signature.  Following a large misinformation campaign from faux-gun rights organizations and gun control proponents to derail this outcome, Tennesseans will finally be able to utilize their right to self-defense without government red tape or delays.

House Bill 786 /Senate Bill 765 allows any law-abiding adult who is legally eligible to obtain a carry permit, to carry a handgun without first having to obtain government permission. It does not affect previously issued carry permits, and allows citizens who still wish to obtain a permit in order to carry in other states recognizing Tennessee permits, to do so.  Sometimes called permitless carry, Constitutional Carry would ensure that no honest, hard-working Tennessean is ever left defenseless while waiting for government permission or wading through red-tape. Bottom line: The VAST majority of Tennessean’s will be able to carry a handgun WITHOUT a permit when this becomes law. Period.

Thank you to Governor Bill Lee for leading the effort to strengthen Tennesseans’ right to self-defense.  Also, thank you to bill sponsors, Rep. William Lamberth and Sen. Mike Bell, as well as those legislators who voted in support of this important self-defense measure.  Once the bill has been signed by the Governor, Tennessee Constitutional Carry will go into effect on July 1st.  Stay-tuned to NRA-ILA Alerts for more information and updates on this and other Second Amendment issues in the Volunteer State.​

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