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That Moment Of Truth

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Regardless of the type of violent crime, criminals often attack quickly and violently. I’m not really sure that the average crook has thought this out, he just knows that a dynamic attack often paralyzes the intended victim and allows him to take command of the situation. But, unless he actually comes in with the intent to kill, his intent is to take control of his victim and force his will upon him. The thought is to scare the victims badly and make them more likely to be docile and submissive.

If you think about it, in an armed robbery, home invasion, carjacking or similar crime, the crooks are making demands and expect you to submit. There is a moment then when they are watching to see if you give in. This, I would suggest, is your best opportunity to respond defensively.

Take a home invasion, for instance. The crook, or crooks, will be giving orders and making demands while still in the process of entering the home. They don’t know, for sure, who all is there and they don’t know where they are. And they certainly don’t have control of everyone at this point. This is the time for the armed citizen to respond, before they get organized.

Now, mind you, this window of opportunity for the citizen is not very big. In fact, it will probably be measured in mere seconds. But a fierce attack is often best dealt with by a fierce response… and a quick one.

This is one of the reasons that we encourage the armed citizen to be armed during all of the waking hours. In the worst cases, one simply won’t have time to go get that defensive firearm. Even if that gun is just across the room, it might as well be locked in a closet in the back bedroom. Of all the locations in which one can keep the defensive firearm, nothing will be faster than being able to just put your hand on it.

This sort of dynamic criminal attack is the main reason that we keep preaching awareness. Continuing with the home-invasion example, if you can see them while they are still coming across your lawn, your chances of overcoming the attack have just been multiplied.

The first way to get on top of such situations is to understand how they happen and how quickly they occur. Then you figure out ways to mess with their intended timeline. Having your car doors locked and your windows up means that they are not just going to be able to run over and jerk you out of the car. Having stout doors and good locks on all the exterior doors in your home means they are going to have to take time and make noise before they can get inside. And having that gun on you means that you can respond right now.

By studying ways to make the attack harder on the criminal you have extended that moment of truth when you can best respond and succeed. It is the smart thing to do.



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