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The Armed Citizen® Feb. 2, 2024

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A 22-year-old burglar is dead after attacking a resident of a Wasilla, Alaska, home on Dec. 17, 2023.

According to local police, the man forced his way into a couple’s home through a sliding glass door. The couple were initially not aware of the man’s presence, but once they noticed there was a stranger in the home, the intruder attacked the husband with a knife, stabbing him in the arm. While the two men struggled, the wife grabbed a firearm and shot the 22-year-old assailant.

The suspect was declared dead at the scene. The stabbing victim inside the home was taken to an area hospital to have his wound treated, and officers said the injury was not life-threatening. Investigators declared that the situation was consistent with an act of self-defense. (Anchorage Daily News; Wasilla, Alaska; 12/17/23)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – April 1971

When Virgil Oliver heard someone break a window in his grocery store in Morehouse, Mo., he grabbed a gun and went to investigate. He caught a man going through the cash drawer and detained him for police. (Sikeston, Mo., The Daily Standard)

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