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The Armed Citizen® July 3, 2023

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When a 77-year-old homeowner in Ann Arbor, Mich., heard what sounded like someone opening his screen door around dinnertime on May 24, he went to investigate. The man, who lives alone, found an intruder inside his kitchen.

The stranger had apparently forced his way through a window over the kitchen sink. The homeowner drew his gun and fired one shot at the intruder, who fled through the same window. “He went out headfirst,” the armed citizen told reporters. “He was younger than me, no doubt stronger than me. I’m 77 years old, and he was in my house, and I defended myself.”

The incident is still under investigation. (wxyz.com; Detroit, Mich.; 5/25/23)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – August 1971

Two men, one armed with a machine gun, broke into a ski resort and tied up six employees in a daring holdup attempt at Soda Springs, Calif. Their plan failed, however, when they went next door to the home of Donald Schwartz, the manager. Schwartz got a shotgun and sent them fleeing with one blast. The two robbers were later jailed. (San Francisco Examiner; San Francisco, Calif.)

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