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The Armed Citizen® June 14, 2024

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Two teenagers attempted to rob a woman of her vehicle in South Chicago on Tuesday, May 7, and as a result, one is wounded and both are facing criminal charges after the vehicle owner defended herself and her property.

Just before 8 a.m., the woman observed the two teens attempting to break into her Kia SUV and intervened. The woman was employed as a security guard and fired at the alleged thieves, striking one of the teens in the shoulder. A family member said she fired in self-defense after confronting the thieves and that this is the third time the woman had dealt with people attempting to break into her car.

“She’s a scared mom whose car [is] constantly getting broke in,” the woman told reporters.

The wounded teen was hospitalized for her injury, and both teens have been charged with one felony count of attempted possession of a stolen vehicle and one misdemeanor count of criminal property damage. (CBS Chicago; Chicago, Ill.; 5/8/24)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – August 1962

Arriving at his home in West Brighton, N.Y., butcher Joseph Mauro was accosted by thugs who demanded his money. Mauro drew a gun, sending the bandits fleeing. (Staten Island Advance)

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