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The Armed Citizen® June 30, 2023

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A family from Memphis, Tenn., visiting Little Rock, Ark., fought off an assailant inside a parking garage as they wrapped up what was intended to be an enjoyable family trip. The vacation was a gift for their daughter’s seventh birthday, and the parents took her and their other child to the water parks and zoo on Memorial Day weekend.

When they were preparing to leave, the parents put the two girls in the back of their car. The mother, pregnant with the couple’s third child, sat in the driver’s seat while her husband packed up the car. An alleged attacker approached the husband, struck him multiple times and tackled him to the ground.

After assaulting the husband, the alleged assailant approached the wife and punched her. The armed woman then drew her concealed carry-gun, aimed at her assaulter and fired, striking him once in the neck, stopping the attack. “We never knew what he was really planning or anything, if he was trying to kidnap our girls or just trying to steal the car or what,” the father said after the assault.

The father suffered a fractured rib in the assault, while the pregnant woman suffered multiple contusions. The suspected attacker is currently hospitalized. (KARK; Memphis, Tenn.; 5/31/23)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – August 1962

After spending the night on a cot in his Detroit grocery, Simpkin Green awoke to find a man coming out of a cooler. He reached under his pillow for a .32 pistol and ordered the intruder to halt. When the command was ignored, Green fired, downing the stranger with a bullet in the knee. (Detroit Free Press; Detroit, Mich.)

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